Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Remember.....in your Dreams? by Alejandro Canton

This is an excellent and extremely well written book, which I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end. This story reads almost as an autobiography, a grandfather sharing poignant memories with his newly born grandson by way of astral travel and crystal ball gazing, visiting past events that were significant to the Grandfather’s life. The bonding between the two generations during these times is touching and unique. Throughout the book, I was always under the impression that the author is trying to relay to the reader the importance of memories and keeping alive the ‘spirit’ of loved ones that have passed on, therefore always to “remember”. This was for me, a moral. To conclude, in my opinion this book could be listed as a modern ‘Classic’. The author has a way of making the reader really feel the emotions and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to read a story with depth and meaning, and yet, at the same time light-hearted and entertaining. Alejandro Canton has the ability to do both!

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