Saturday, 3 March 2012

Zomblog by T W Brown


I was browsing the Book Junkie Review page – saw a very good review on Zomblog by Todd Brown – decided to check it out....

Book looks interesting from the synopsis, I have downloaded it.


I have started the book – as the title suggests, it is written in blog form  - not sure how the author will manage to keep the momentum throughout, writing in this format.

Well, he is managing so far! Can’t put this book down!!


Okay, I am hooked! This book is coming with me wherever I go, Todd has a lot to answer for , my house is a mess! I am being reminded of The Walking Dead , a series I love on TV , both being  about the battle for survival against the Walkers (the undead) and the traumas that ensue. Todd brings the scenes to life (pardon the pun ) and does it very well.


What a shocker ! Well, in a zombie book  I don’t suppose you should expect things to all go well but this story has now taken on a different dimension. Very clever but at the same  time quite sad, although with the fast paced action, we don’t linger too much on emotional side of things.


Getting closer to the end, I am enjoying this so much, my initial doubts about the format of this book are completely unfounded, it works brilliantly. Todd has entertained me for 3 days now and apart from the storyline ( which is right up my alley ), he also writes superbly, he has a very good use of words and the book is well written and edited, just a couple of  oddities in the use of hyphens, here and there.

Finished !! All I can say is WOW!!

Off to download the next book  - first part of a zombie trilogy, the Dead series.

Thank you for keeping me company for 5 days Todd Brown, I will be recommending your book to all my friends!